Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Introduction to Passing Wind Ranch

Passing Wind is a property located in Historic Terlingua Ghost Town, Terlingua, Texas. The brainchild of Jimmy Holbrook from NYC, Passing Wind is the get together place for friends, acquaintances, and anyone passing by this remote West Texas town near the Mexican border. The property was purchased in the early 1990s by Jimmy and is used throughout the year, but always during March when he hosts the infamous annual “Rocket Fuel Party.” Rocket Fuel is a concoction developed by Jimmy during his long tenure at CJ’s Bar, Fire Island, NY (http://www.fireislandbeaches.com/cjs/). The concoction does not actually contain rocket fuel and it tastes much better than the real stuff (presumably), although the effects on the liver are probably comparable. The Rocket Fuel Party is generally held on the Eve of St. Patrick’s Day and is followed by a parade on the holiday itself.

Passing Wind definitely adds color to an area already brimming with colorful characters and establishments (http://www.starlighttheatre.com/). For example, Jimmy has made some interesting developments on the property including, but not limited to: Flags of the USA, Texas, the Marines, and POW/MIAs, a miniature Statue of Liberty, a miniature marine statue in dress blues, THE party cabana, and Jimmy’s most recent addition – a custom built volcano which “erupts” each evening at 7pm. Each year seems to bring a new development project, which begs the question, what next? What could he possibly do to top a live volcano? Rumor has it there may be a pirate ship involved…

If you have been lucky enough to attend a Rocket Fuel Party and have lived to tell the tale, post your comments/stories to the blog…anonymously, if necessary.

And by the way, where did the name come from? Well, Terlingua is home to the Annual Chili Cook-Off in November, which is just west of Passing Wind…


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